Best Longboard Brands

By now you have discovered that there are many different types of longboard brands for sale. Not all boards are appropriate for each individual’s skill level. There are recommended types for those just starting out and there are longboards that are ideal for those with advanced skills. As an introduction to longboard brands and to serve as a simple guide or summary, the following is a brief overview of some the top longboard brands.

Sector 9 LongboardsSector 9 is one of the dominate longboard manufacturers. With a wide variety of stiff to flex board designs to choose from there is a longboard that will meet the needs of all riding styles from cruising the neighborhood, carving or for the downhill thrill rides. Please visit the Sector 9 review page to get a brief introduction to the Aperture Sidewinder, Super Shaka, Carbon Decay, Bamboo Series, 9 Star, Goddess, Ricon, Rasta and Cosmic series longboards.

Ripstik Caster BoardsThe Ripstik Caster Board is often described as a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard on wheels. Unlike a traditional skateboard, the Ripstik has two wheels instead of four and you use a twisting motion with your feet to keep it moving. Ripstik by Razor describes it as “a 360 degree inclined casters and pivoting deck provide a carving motion just like a snowboard”. Please visit the Ripstik review page to get a brief introduction to the “G”, Air Pro, Classic, DLX and Ripster boards.

Loaded LongboardsLoaded Longboards are on everyone’s top 10 list for contributing groundbreaking designs to longboarding. Loaded Boards are producing original designs with dedication to performance and quality – all to ensure your pleasure in riding one of the most unique boards available today. Please visit Loaded Longboards review page to get a brief introduction to the Vanguard, Dervish, Tan Tien, and Bhangra longboards.


Original LongboardsLooking for innovative designs and longboard performance then you owe it to yourself to take a look at Original Longboards. Designed and engineered using their own trucks to give each customer a longboard that is perfect for their specific style of riding. Please visit Original Longboards review page to get a brief introduction to the Apex 37, Pintail 40, Custom 35 and the Malakai.


Arbor LongboardsIs a longboard design from a brand that cares about the impact their products have on the environment important to you then you must check out Arbor Longboards. For performance, durability and style with a reduced environmental impact please visit Arbor Longboards review page to get a brief introduction to the Axis Bamboo, Assault, Axis, Fish, Pin Bamboo and Pin.


Gravity LongboardsGravity Longboards, a leading manufacturer of top quality boards is committed to producing high performance, quality longboard skateboards and specialty skateboards. Offering a wide range of boards for all riding styles. Whatever your riding preference is, you will find a board so check out the Gravity Longboards review page for the Complete 41 Drop Carve – Makai, Complete 42 Mini Carve, 27? Mini Classic and 37 Diamond Tail Complete.

Santa Cruz LongboardsSearching for a cool board with a sense of humor then look into the designs from the Santa Cruz Skateboard company. Check out the fun and functional longboard skateboards on the Santa Cruz Longboards review page for the Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete, Mahaka Complete, Mako Shark Complete, Screaming Foot Right Sk8 Complete and Tiger Shark Sk8 Complete.


Gold Coast LongboardsGold Coast Longboards have been specializing in longboards for a couple of decades. Their passion for longboarding have lead them to develop innovate, quality designs for fun on four wheels. Whatever your riding style you will find skateboards in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to visit Gold Coast Longboards review page for a brief introduction to the Complete Longboard Pier, Blues Longboard, Complete Longboard Floater, Complete Longboard Circuit Bolt and the Venice Longboard.

Landyachtz LongboardsLandyachtz Longboards are manufactured by a small group of passionate riders. They have developed a line-up of the highest quality and diverse functional boards available. Stop by Landyachtz Longboards review page for a brief look at the Switch Bullet, EVO Green Flytrap, Drop Speed, Bamboo Drop Carve, Chinook and the Bamboo Battle Axe longboards.


Krown LongboardsJust starting out with boarding and don’t have the $$$ then Krown Longboards are what you are looking for. They are the most affordable longboards for someone looking for a great first ride. Desire to check out the sport of riding then head on over to the Krown Longboards review page and take a look at the Wave Sunset, Logo 2, Wood Sunset and Blue Flame boards.


Built on a reputation for quality and durability, Never Summer LongboardsNever Summer Longboards are designed and built based on over 20 years of experience in snowboarding. The finished products are the most durable, high performance longboards in today’s longboarding market. Premium longboard designs can be found on Never Summer Longboards review page for the Swift, Soldier, Assault, Heist and the Tyrant boards.


Globe LongboardsGlobe Longboards manufactures a large number of boards that cover every riding style. If you want a wide range of graphics and sizes with a choice in materials and at reasonable prices then take a look at Globe Longboards review page for the Prowler, Cruiser, Pinner and Zodiac boards.



Surf One LongboardsSurf One offers a smooth and responsive solid longboard design at a decent price. How about a great ride on a board that really has a great appearance. Then don’t leave without checking Surf One Longboards review page for the Robert August Complete, Classic and the Pakala.



Atom LongboardsIf you are seeking a ideal starter at a affordable price then Atom Longboards are a great choice. MBS produces the Atom line of longboards and happens to be the pioneer mountain boarding company. Be sure to take a look at their line of boards at the Atom Longboards review page for the Pintail, Kicktail, Pintail Super Carver and Drop Through longboards.